Orange Flower


Just Another Bridges

This is a bridge at Pacific City in Oregon. It is the same bridge only I took photos from different sides.

Day on the Lake

This is a photo of me on a inner tub at Detroit Lake. So I am going with making the photo black and white photo and leaving only one spot color. In this photo I made me, the tube, and the rope in color and the rest in color.

Best Of Friends

So these are my grandmas cats. I am trying out more photo of making them black and white and only have one spot be color. So the only spots in this photo that are color are the cats eyes. Getting this photo was difficult because they kept on moving lol well I hope you like it, oh also feel free to make comments (positive or negative is welcome)

Farm Goat

This is a photo a goat (duh lol) on a goat cheese farm. I went there with my sister, and grandparents. I made this photo black and white but I still have the color of the goats eye. First time doing this so I don’t know if it looks good, but I like it some.