Viral Video Friday: 850 Meters Animation

lol funny video


knightIf you have some spare in your cubicle today, check out this animated short film about a wacky knight trying to save a princess, but the jokes on him in the end.

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Photos of the Day

Nothing special here. These two photos are pictures I took in the morning while waiting for the city bus. Just something to post really lol. Thanks for looking, and have a great day.

My Thanksgiving

I know it is a little late now to post these, but I want to put these up before it gets too late lol. For this Thanksgiving this year My family and I went to my uncle house. So went to Portland. I got to say I thought it was going to a little boring, but it turned out better then I thought. I had lots of fun, and took a LOT of photos. Though I only put a few of them on here. I found out that the best thing about going to someone else house was that there wasn’t dishes to do afterwards. Well that sums up this post; thank you for reading, and I hope your thanksgiving was awesome.